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  • Femmina train station, Amesterdam


    It's almost impossible that you remember me, I was in Amesteram, I was waiting for a train and reminding myself all the time the name of my destination, I have spotted you on the front platform, with a blue overcoat and a red scarf around your neck, you were walking with a stick in your hand. I was watching and thinking that I can be in love with this vision, the entire picture that was before my eyes. I was lost and all of the sudden I saw you on the same platform with me. We have talked brifely, while the train has arrived, I left without asking even your name, while I was still capable of seeing you on the platform from my seat, I thought how beautiful it is to let go, to let the love and the loved ones passing by.I'm starting to doubt that kind of thinking, I'm starting to be the kind of person who mostly likes to take off the train and stay awhile in one single place. I should be very optemistic to think that you would read this but I've done it just as a reminder.